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With your support, we will be able to fulfill our role in building a better, more accessible parks system and provide grants and fundraising dollars to worthwhile projects.

Why give to the Oregon City Parks Foundation

Oregon City is home to 37 park sites, which residents and visitors of our city enjoy every single day. Our parks are maintained by a very small Parks Department staff of seven people and is dealing with a two million dollars in deferred maintenance issues.  The parks vary in size, with some being quite simple and others more complex, providing a wide array of amenities, while others have amazing scenic views.

With a donation to the Oregon City Parks Foundation, you will be building a legacy for future generations.  We hope you’ll consider helping us carry out our mission to bring together existing volunteer groups, businesses, community leaders, and individuals to form partnerships that inspire volunteerism, civic involvement and philanthropy.  All funds raised by the Oregon City Parks Foundation will go above and beyond taxpayer dollars in an effort to help make our parks great.

We will use our proceeds to create accessible playgrounds, plant trees, build beautiful gardens, host free events, protect our wildlife, and institute scholarships, which will give children the opportunity to participate in summer parks programs and so much more.  The Oregon City Parks Foundation will be there to create opportunities to enhance our parks and enrich our city and its citizens’ quality of life through promotion of art, history, nature, and recreation.

We hope that you will consider giving a tax deductible gift to the Oregon City Parks Foundation in order to help us build a legacy.

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